About Us

First Touch Soccer was founded in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia in 1992, and since then First Touch has been the premier supplier for soccer equipment in the Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows area. Lino and Gianna Formolo have been running the store since the Formolo family bought the store in 1999, and the whole family has pitched in to help maintain the store. Our location in Pitt Meadows allows soccer fans from Mission to Port Moody, and even Langley thanks to the Golden Ears Bridge, to easily access our store. The First Touch name and logo can be seen in many places throughout the area as we take part in many charity and club sponsored events, as well as all the local tournaments. We take an active interest in our community by assisting the local clubs with supplies and any support they need from us, including a discount to club members to make soccer more available and affordable to the local players. Throughout the community the words “First Touch” and “quality” go hand in hand.

Mission Statement

Since the store’s founding, our intentions have been to give our customers of all ages, shapes, and sizes, the best possible service and product information available. The store is named First Touch Soccer because, as all great players know, the first touch is the most important one; it’s our job here to do everything we can to help not only your first touch, but any touch you take on the ball. Being a family owned store, we can offer a lot more personal support and assistance, as well as soccer specific knowledge that you may not get at the larger chain stores. Our dedication to quality product and service, loyalty to our customers, and unique insight on all things soccer-related are just a few of the numerous qualities that put us ahead of our competitors. We take budget as a factor in every sale. We take your opinion on prices very seriously and are confident that we will find a boot that fits your needs and budget. This understanding has prompted us to open our clearance wall, where you can find great boots at amazing discount prices. At the end of the day our main focus is to get you in the right gear with the right fit, price, and look, adding our personal touch to every sale.

It’s not all business all the time here though; you’ll find that the employees and customers are friendly soccer fans so there’s always some good soccer talk and banter. We also stock the licensed wear for your favourite teams from your favourite leagues, as well as posters, key chains and other knick knacks that any soccer fan will love. We also have older apparel on our sale racks, meaning that you can find that jersey you love at discount prices.

Starting just recently, First Touch Soccer has branched out into other sports as well as soccer. In the fall of 2011, we opened a small rugby section in our store that has been steadily increasing in size as we see the demand for rugby equipment and apparel growing. With the support of the local clubs and players, we are hoping to supply more and more rugby equipment every year. As well as rugby, we have a lot of equipment for training, working out, and running. We bring in lots of different training tops, shorts, thermal wear, and equipment to accommodate any athletes’ needs.

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